There are items that Leighton needs to create a mobile Jeep church and there are also a few items that would make his trip a bit more comfortable on the road.  Below are a few items that are on his Amazon Wish List.  The complete list can be found here:  Leighton's Wish List

Leighton uses an app called Gaia GPS to navigate but the app does not work well on the two tablets he has because Gaia is really a native app for Apple. His iPhone's screen is really too small to use the app efficiently.  An iPad would also be better to run the sound mixer for the services.

Other Item's on Leighton's Amazon Wish List

Mobile Jeep Church Items

JK Dual Battery Kit

ARB awning to project videos on to

Mini Video Projector

Dual Battery Tray & Wiring

Other Items

Tree Saver Strap & Come-A-Long

Tailgate saver

Leighton's complete Amazon Wish List