Please submit the form below if you are interested in helping Leighton on a Saturday in one of the cities Leighton will be doing homeless outreach in.

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Saturdays (*Not A Saturday)

Indianapolis 6/15

Chicago 6/22

Denver 6/29

Anchorage 7/20

Seattle 8/3

Portland, OR 8/10

San Francisco 8/17

Los Angeles 8/24

San Diego 8/31

Los Vegas 9/7

Phoenix 9/14

Albuquerque 9/21

Dallas 9/28

New Orleans 10/5

Jackson, MS 10/12

Mobile, ML 10/19

Tampa 10/26

Key West 11/2

Miami 11/9

Atlanta, GA 11/16

Durham, NC 11/23

Washington DC 11/25*

Baltimore 11/26*

Philadelphia 11/27*

New York 11/28*

Springfield, MA 11/30

Burlington, VT 12/7

Portland, ME 12/14

Boston 12/21

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