Last City: Portland, ME

Next City: Providence, RI

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On June 5th of 2022 Pastor Leighton O'Connor left on a 300 day mission trip in his Jeep to help people experiencing homelessness in 50 cities across North America.  Pastor Leighton's journey has taken him over 28,000 miles so far to help the homeless in 47 cities. The last outreach for this trip will be on April 1st in Boston. 

On April 4th of this year Pastor Leighton will traveling to Nairobi, Kenya for his next mission trip.  For the month of April, Pastor Leighton will be helping children in small villages in Kenya and Tanzania to get better access to clean water, healthcare and education. 

Pastor Leighton's route so far as of March 18, 2023.
47 Outreaches, 48 States & over 28,000 miles

Mission Status